How to recover data from mac mobile phone?

To recover deleted files from mobile phone, first you should connect your Mobile Phone with computer system. Then start recovery process.

After installation of Mobile Phone recovery software, initial screen is displayed as shown in below screen:-

Mobile phone data recovery

Select any one option for recovery including Recover Photos, Recover Videos or Recover Other Files.

In the page, we will discuss how to recover data from mobile phone using Recover Other Files Option.

Step 1 : Select Disk for recovery

Select the disk from which you want to recover data, as shown in above screen:-

Now Click on “Next” Button to Continue.

Step 2 : Select Searching Criteria

Select searching criteria such as “Entire Disk” Or “Sector Range”.

Mac Mobile Phone Data recovery

If you select “Entire Disk”, then mobile phone recovery software searches lost data in the entire storage of selected disk.

If you select “Sector Range”, then Mobile phone recovery software searches lost data within specific sector range.

Step 3 : Select Extension For Recovery

Select required extensions for recovery, as shown in following screen:-

Mac Mobile Phone Data recovery

Note: - Select 'Also perform DDR Thorough Scanning Algorithm Search' checkbox if you want to scan the disk using Thorough Scanning Algorithm Search (Once after disk is scanned using General recovery procedure)

Step 4 : Disk Scanning Process

Wait until software completes disk scanning process

Mac Mobile Phone Data recovery

After completing DDR General Recovery Procedure, DDR Thorough scanning process starts automatically.

Mac Mobile Phone Data recovery

Step 5 : View Recovered Files

Once completing the searching process, recovered files are displayed as shown in following screen:-

Mac Mobile Phone Data recovery

To view the recovered Data, please click on ‘Open Containing Folder’ or else click on ‘Back ‘button to select another disk for recovery.

Note: You can see the preview of selected file by double-clicking on the file.

On clicking the “Open Containing Folder”, the following screen will be displayed:-

Mac Mobile Phone Data recovery

Click on “General Recovery Results” folder to view recovered files using DDR General Recovery Procedure.

Click on “Omitted (Recovery by Thorough Scan)” folder to view omitted recovered files (using DDR Thorough Scanning Algorithm).